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Workshop at the Center for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA), Srishti school of art, design and technology (Bangalore, India), from 23/11/09 to 5/12/09

With Ewen Chardronnet, Benjamin Cadon, Alexander Roemer, Loreto Martinez Troncoso, Hélène Chaudeau, Gepeto Girault, and the students and artists of Srishti

Workshop week 1 (23/11 - 27/11) :

Monday 23


  • General Presentation of the workshop

    • Tech aspects : mapping with the web

Tools to use/make maps on line :

Abstractions :

Exemples of Mash-up :


travaux en ligne

  • Group exercice (2h)

Constitution of 3 persons groups to prepare a presentation of each participant

Each participant is invited to think of :

    • an artistic statement : 3 mn
    • his cultural background
    • his main interests and tech skills
    • his primary interest in participating in the workshop
  • Followed by a collective presentation of each participant

Tuesday 24


  • Traditional medecines, radiesthesy (water)


  • industrial animism presentation
  • how to make visible/audible the invisible
    • visualising Electromagnetic and electric fields
    • wardriving knsgem pynetmonitor, magnetic derive exemple by apo33
    • Sensors, Rfid's in question, works of Touch designer group, Semiconductor art collective, etc.
    • air polution :

Picto quest : mobile phone GSM, wifi, health and EMF + indian specific pictograms

  • Pictograms research
  • selection, printing pictograms

Wednesday 25


  • Discussions on main points of interests of the group in exploring Bangalore

To determine interests for week 2


  • Constitution of smaller groups with specific skills and interests

These groups would focus on : DIY sensors, production of pictograms and picto quest, psychogeography and urbanism, "treasure hunt", interventions in the city, web integration, conducting interviews and contacts in town - to be precised during the discussions

Thursday 26



  • Explorations
  • DIY workshop

Friday 27



Workshop Week 2 (30/11 - 05/12) :

Monday 30

Group presentations of the work done in previous days
Field trips

Tuesday 1

groups presentations
field trips

Wednesday 2

Presentation of what has been done

  • Water treatment factory
  • Center for Internet & Society : appointment with Sunil Abraham at 3pm (with Namrata)

Thursday 3

"Favorite Place" portraits with Loreto Martinez Troncoso and Hélène Chaudeau
field trips
uploading contents on the map

Friday 4

"Favorite Place" protraits with Loreto Martinez Troncoso and Hélène Chaudeau
uploading contents on the map

Saturday 5

5.30 pm : Presentation at Alliance Française Bangalore

Online Tools :

Tools :

Web links :

References websites



Radio LIGNA:

Ici-même (Grenoble)




In Bangalore

In Mumbai

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